What Keeps Me Going


Being in college means having a full schedule at all times. I am currently crazy busy with classes, meetings, events and other activities. I usually don’t mind the craziness, but lately I’ve struggled to make time for things that I love. Sissues is a priority of mine that I have not had the motivation to put a lot […]

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Inspiring Internet People I love.


If you’ve read any of my recent posts, you’ll know I’m on a self-love, self-growth kick. Self-love and self-growth are always important, but my brain has recently shifted into positive overdrive. Lately I’ve been looking for inspiration to guide me along my crazy path. Ironically, I came across most of the videos in this playlist-of-sorts unexpectedly. I suggest you […]

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Jackie B Dressed Me


Hey everybody! The past few weeks have been a very enlightening time in my life. My schedule is fairly booked with classes, school work, internships and working part time. I usually don’t make plans in advance because I never know what my upcoming schedule will be like. Only working 3 days a week also leaves me pretty damn broke. (Not […]

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Boys Boys Boys


Hello people! Welcome back to Sissues. A couple days ago my boyfriend, Justin, and I were talking about Sissues. I asked him if he often reads my posts.  He replied, “sometimes.”  Shockingly enough, I realized that not a lot of men are really that interested in a fashion blog run by and for women.  So I […]

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Double Denim.


A similar look to one I’ve shot in the past, but this day was beautiful and I was feeling a reboot.  Hat by Free People.  Denim jacket by Foreve 21.  Shirt by Urban Outfitters.  Flip flops by Steve Madden.  Sunglasses by Dolce & Gabbana.  Enjoy, everybody! Cailin

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Baddies of Fashion Week


Fashion Week is one of the biggest weeks in the fall.  It is a time where designers come together and showcase their best pieces for the season.  Designers hire the best supermodels walk in their shows in the world’s largest fashion capitols. After the past couple weeks from New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion […]

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Best Rihanna Street Style 2016


Rihanna has been a pap favorite for 10 years. She has played thousands of shows, guested dozens of festivals and reigned the streets every night during her time in the spotlight. My favorite thing about Rih is that she plays to win the fashion game every time she leaves the house. I don’t know about you but […]

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