Baddies of Fashion Week


Fashion Week is one of the biggest weeks in the fall.  It is a time where designers come together and showcase their best pieces for the season.  They have the best supermodels walk in their shows in the world’s biggest fashion capitols. After the past couple weeks from New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion […]

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Best Rihanna Street Style 2016


Rihanna has been a pap favorite for 10 years. She has played thousands of shows, guested dozens of festivals and reigned the streets every night during her time in the spotlight. My favorite thing about Rih is that she plays to win the fashion game every time she leaves the house. I don’t know about you but […]

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Fun for Fall


Fall is my favorite season because of the weather transition and of course, the fashion. This years Fall trends are my favorite in a while. I was walking through Barnes and Noble the other day and noticed Kendall Jenner’s September Vogue cover from all the way across the room.  I could not even contain my excitement! I had […]

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Big Mess Around NYC


There is nothing more exciting than the day your favorite musical group puts out a long-awaited new LP. Grouplove released their third studio album Big Mess” on Friday, September 9. Me and my best friend Sam have been waiting for new music from Grouplove for a few years now. We bought tickets to two shows off the […]

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Happy Friday, lovely readers. Edge is one of the most memorable components of a look. Edge, to me, is any kind of statement that separates a look from the norm. Edge inspires trends when somebody decides to switch up a comfortable look. Fashion would not evolve the way it does if weren’t for edge-induced shock. Black clothes have […]

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Back to School Pieces Under $50


Hey people! Welcome back to Sissues. A lot of Youtubers create back to school-related videos around this time of the year. I’ve been watching many affordable BTS outfit videos, however I also enjoy viewing wish lists of items I cannot afford. I made it my mission to combine these two ideas into the ultimate cute-but-cheap […]

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Shocking Post: White Girl Wearing Clueless-inspired Outfit


Whether or not you were alive during the 1990’s, you have probably watched “Clueless.” The movie embodies the pre-centennial decade’s best features: from plaid, to patterned car interiors, to cheesy outerwear and even fuzzy pink gel pens. “Clueless” is a ’90s heaven, especially to the outsider. I was born in 1995 and, although I recall the bulky cell […]

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