A New Start

Welcome to Sissues.com!

My name is Cailin, but you will probably see that my family and friends refer to me as Cay. I am a 21 year old public relations and advertising student in New Jersey. I started my first fashion and lifestyle blog, Suburban Juice, about two years ago.

I loved Suburban Juice. I used SJ to showcase my style and connect with other bloggers. SJ also made me realize how much I love utilizing social media. Lately I have been thinking about rebranding, and moving SJ to the cellar, for a few reasons.

Primarily, I feel like an upgrade of the version of myself who created SJ. I am older. I am wiser. My writing has improved remarkably. I have goals for the future beyond my education that seem more attainable than ever.

Secondly, although I love to go back and read my old posts, I can’t help but cringe at how little effort I put into them. I have visions for this blog. I want to create and meet my own deadlines. I want to collaborate with other artists and contribute to the industry that I have always loved.

Lastly, I graduate from my University in less than one year. I am deep into my PR and Ad classes and can feel myself am gaining new brand development skills everyday. I want to put my studies to the test and see where I can take the Sissues brand. I’m happy to have my sister by my side to help me figure it out.


If you are familiar with the layout I frequently used in SJ posts, you might think that this is just a replication. I will still showcase my personal style, however, I want to curate some original content as well. My sister and I have looked at SJ as a whole and decided what we need to do differently. We can not wait to go through our long list of ideas and inspire ourselves, each other and all of you internet people.

We have put a lot of effort into this site and we thank you for visiting! Please send any and all requests to our Instagram @Sissuesblog and we’ll make sure to cover whatever you’re looking for.

DSC_1911.jpgA lil style profile: As Emma mentioned, my style is very theme oriented. I like to create looks from pieces that remind me of specific decades, celebrity looks or events. My less-inspired looks usually feature a unique, detailed centerpiece for all other pieces to accent. I love graphic clothing and anything risky. I don’t accessorize often, but when I do, I love to be girly and over-the-top. The ’70s and ’90s are my favorite decades to reference because I am truly a crossbred grunge-hippie.


The Look: Sunglasses/ Slip dress/ Bag/ Booties.

This outfit’s centerpiece is a bag from Buffalo Exchange. If you are somewhat familiar with Philly’s shopping scene, you know that Buffalo the most bomb consignment on Chestnut. I cannot find a brand label on this bag.


See you in next week’s Sissue.



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