Sunnies : NO or GO?

Unfortunately summer is coming to an end. I go to Penn State and am super excited to get back on campus, but also very unhappy about the workload I will soon face.

Something I’ll miss about summer fashion is all of the amazing sunglasses. Although sunglass styles shift in and out of popularity each season, they truly belong to summer.

Sunnies are my favorite summer accessory because they have the ability to tie a look together. Some people do not feel confident in certain sunglasses because of the shape or style. My rule is: if you like them buy them! In my opinion, however, there are some shapes and styles that are trendy and some that are not.

Let us reminisce on this year’s biggest sunglass trends.


Cat eyes look amazing on every face shape! The cat eye’s sharp edges and angles elongate round and square faces. There are many different cat eyes that range from a rounder edge to a sharp point. Here are a few styles that I love.

urban sunglasses.jpeg

UO Tortoise Cat Eyes

One brand that kills the cat eye, and pretty much every other style, game is Quay Australia. Quay offers a wide range of styles with very good quality frames and lenses, If you don’t believe me, just ask one of the dozens of celebrities showcasing their Quays on the website. I bought my first pair of cat eyes from Quay (photos & links below).

quay sugar and spice

Quay Sugar and Spice Sunglasses

quay cat eyes blac

Quay Cutout Black Cat Eyes


Extremely square and structured sunglasses are not a good look for anyone’s face shape. I mentioned that the cat eye makes a face more oval, but the square shape makes a face look rounder. Square glasses are not always flattering or fashionable either.  This style is not my first choice, however, I linked a nice pair below for anyone intrigued by the hard-to-pull-off shape.

quay square glasses

Quay Square Sunglasses


There is an ongoing debate about round sunglasses. Are they in or are they out? The fact is that circular sunnies are an acquired taste.  I personally think that their NO or GO status depends on the glasses, so let’s take a look at some.

round quay sunglasses

Quay 70’s Round Orange Glasses

These are definitely a GO for me.  I think that these round sunglasses have the best ’70s vibes. They aren’t too thin and have an awesome, transparent outer edge that makes them quirky and daring.

urban round glasses.jpeg

UO Round Blue Sunglasses

These are a hard NO.  These sunglasses are WAY too round and thin for my taste.  I think these would be better if they had a cool feature or some type of unique lining. They are simple too boring, too small and too– Ozzy– for my taste.

quay round cross glasses

Quay Rose Cross Glasses

Pass GO with these shades. I love the size and colors. The black structure with a rose/ gold polarization is really doing it for this model and, in my opinion, everyone! I especially think the bridge is fire. The crisscrossed black pieces are a saucy edition to the classic round shade. I love everything about these sunglasses!  Always a GO!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read Sissues!

Talk to you next Monday!



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