Ways to Cut a T-Shirt

Fall is my favorite time of year because I love football season. Penn State is a huge football school with a game every weekend during the fall.

Every fraternity and parking lot hosts parties before the games, and an outsider might realize that there is an unspoken dress code that PSU students abide by. Most boy fans wear sports jerseys, khakis and Timberlands. Most girls wear cut or tie-dyed PSU merchandise, denim and sneakers. It is common for girls to stop by local businesses to pick up some cheap PSU gear to cut up and DIY. The attire is a big part of football weekends because everyone has their own style that they like to show off at the games.

I love cutting shirts for the famous tailgates because it’s cool to turn a plain t-shirt into something unique. Even when football isn’t in season, I always go to Goodwill or cheap websites to find vintage t-shirts to recreate. I experimented on lots of shirts this summer, using Youtube and other designs as inspiration.


This shirt is by far my favorite! I learned how to cut this small-squared pattern from a Youtuber named Kallie Kaiser. Kallie is beautiful, has an amazing style and has so much personality. This look is very similar to t-shirts I’ve seen in LF Stores. LF is a store found in a few major cities like LA and New York.  LF has a very boho and edgy vibe, and sells vintge clothes as well as brands like Free People and Jeffrey Campbell. Although the store is pretty expensive, I love the T-shirts they sell. This is my take on an LF-style shirt!


I’ve also seen this style in LF stores. The lace up look has been poppin for the past year or so. I see this look in every single store I walk into or shop on. The lace up design looks hot on dresses, crop tops, t-shirts, blouses, and even some denim items. Most lace up designs are much cheaper than those at LF, because I think they were one of the first to come up with it. Many people do not know that this look is super easy to recreate, just Youtube it!

Hope you guys liked these looks that I created and I’ll talk to you next time!






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