Sneakers For the Win

This summer I decided to work a second job to earn more spending money for the school year. Cailin’s best friend is an assistant manager at Vans, and loves it, so I applied and got the job.  I absolutely loves working there, not only because of great coworkers and friendly customers, but because of the company. Vans’ philosophy is all about great customers service and treating others with respect, which makes for an awesome work environment.

I’ve met so many cool people through Vans and also got to learn about casual fashion.  If you aren’t someone who usually wears sneakers or skate shoes, you might not be familiar with Vans. I’m sure you do, however, know that the sneaker market has been booming over the past few years. Even the biggest fashionistas indulged in a pair of sneakers when sporty turned chic again. I see casual Adidas and Nike sneakers around campus everyday, and not even with strictly athletic wear! Sneakers look great with anything nowadays, and I personally love being comfortable and cute at the same time. The trickle down effect brought a ton of people who might have never purchased Vans into our store, especially because of our variety. (Ok, Damn Daniel might have also helped— just kidding.)  Vans has also been adapting to various clothing trends, and they are killing it. I never considered Vans “my style” until I was fully aware of what they offered. 

Here are some of my favorite sneakers at the moment, and some that are definitely on my Wish List!

adidas blush suede sneakers.jpg

Adidas Pink Suede Sneakers

Wish list item #1. I am in love with these, omg.  Blush/pink is my FAVE color at the moment and I am obsessed. I have no other words.

vans skate high silver clouds

Vans Sk8-Hi Suede Silver Cloud

I immediately put these on hold when I saw them in store, and bought them that day.  I love this light gray color and the silver side stripe, which reveals that these are Vans.  They are amazing.

puma gray and cowskin.jpeg

Puma Classic Emboss Sneakers

These are another pair on my wish list.  As you may be able to tell I really like light colors, grays and suede.  I love how these are all one color because it makes them look very sleek.  I particularly love the part near the heel.  The design puts a unique vibe to shoe.

vans runners white

Vans Blanc Runners

I also have these Vans.  The suede grey is very similar to the Sk8 Hi’s above, however this shoe is made to look more trendy than classic Vans styles. I was primarily very torn about whether to buy these, because they look soooo Lizzie McGuire, but I did it. These runners are a great go-to shoe if you’re looking for something that matches everything, is super comfy and strays from the typical Stan Smith sneaker. 


Thanks for reading, Emma. 





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