Shocking Clueless-inspired Outfit

Whether or not you were alive during the 1990’s, you have probably watched “Clueless.” The movie embodies the pre-centennial decade’s best features: from plaid, to patterned car interiors, to cheesy outerwear and even fuzzy pink gel pens. “Clueless” is a ’90s heaven, especially to the outsider. I was born in 1995 and, although I recall the bulky cell phones and butterfly barrettes, I didn’t get to experience life as a teen during the era.

Every girl wanted Cher Horowitz’s high school experience. Don’t lie to yourself. Cher was so rich that she owned nonexistent technology. A robotic closet mixed and matched her outfits for her. Do you realize how much more time that would buy you in the morning? She could also wear spandex to gym class and literally not get suspended.

The gym class scene stood out to me above others because I’ve always loved sporty trends. I like to think I have that in common with Cher. Sporty– but never athletic. I’m also a sucker for ’90s-inspired trinkets and accessories. This #ootd is a play on Cher’s gym class look mixed with that classic plaid skirt that screams “Clueless.”


Sunglasses / Earrings- some local lil shop / Tee / Tank / Skirt / Sneakers- Nike Free Run Mid 2 / Bag- Betseyville by Betsey Johnson, bought in 2010.


We were going to shoot this look at some tennis courts, but caught some really cool lighting between some trees in the woods! I also ordered a new lens for my camera, so my photos might look a little different soon. Keep an eye out for that.


Thanks for reading! xo Cay


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