Back to School Pieces Under $50

Hey people! Welcome back to Sissues.

A lot of Youtubers create back to school-related videos around this time of the year. I’ve been watching many affordable BTS outfit videos, however I also enjoy viewing wish lists of items I cannot afford. I made it my mission to combine these two ideas into the ultimate cute-but-cheap BTS wish list.

Back to School shopping is not uncommon in America. I, and many people I know, actually look forward to blowing our paychecks just to look awesome for the first day of school. Some of my best childhood school memories involve rocking a brand new, sequined outfit from Limited Too. One downside to being a trendy 7 year old in 2004 was that online shopping was only in the works. There were only so many stores in the mall, which meant there was no way to stop all the other girls in your class from sporting the same Cheetah Girls tee as you.

As I mentioned earlier, most college students have to buy their own BTS clothes (if they choose to invest in new pieces). I understand this struggle, especially because I’m balling on a budget   If you’re obsessed with new clothes, but don’t have the funds to go all out, this post is for you! Here are some items under $50 that are perfect for school and on-trend for Fall.


Forever 21 Distressed Jeans

These distressed jeans are only $29.90 at Forever 21.


Boohoo Cold Shoulder Ribbed Top

This top is $20 on Boohoo but the site always has 30% off sales!

tobi white shoes.jpg

Tobi White Sneakers

These white sneakers remind me of a mix between Vans and Adidas and they are only $25 on Tobi!

urban ying yang tee.jpeg

Urban Ying Yang Tee

Baggy oversized graphic tees are trending so hard.  This one is a little on the pricier side but it is too cute. $29 at UO.

pacsun blush skirt.jpeg

PacSun Blush Skirt

This is by far my favorite thing on the list.  I have never been a skirt girl until this summer, and this is my new fave color to wear!! $39.95 on PacSun.


PacSun Denim Baseball Cap

Female-fitted baseball caps have grown in popularity over he last few years. I wrote a previous Sissue on Denim Everything.( click on this to see the denim sissue).  $22.95 on PacSun.

Thank you so much for reading!





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