Big Mess Around NYC

There is nothing more exciting than the day your favorite musical group puts out a long-awaited new LP. Grouplove released their third studio album Big Mess” on Friday, September 9.

Me and my best friend Sam have been waiting for new music from Grouplove for a few years now. We bought tickets to two shows off the Big Mess Tour before the album even came out. Grouplove held three shows in NYC on September 9 to give their East Coast fans a special first “Big Mess” listen.

Although Sam and I listened to the new album a few times between midnight and the following day’s show, we felt so lucky to see our favorite band at this special performance.

We took the Bolt to Manhattan then hopped on the sub to Brooklyn for the event. The  small concert was at an amazing record store: Rough Trade (based in  England. Sam and I went right to the record store to buy our copies of the album to get wristbands for the show later that night. We then explored Brooklyn and took a bunch of photos with my new Nikkor 85mm lens. Here are the results of this fun little Philly girl photo shoot in front of an unfamiliar city background!




Everybody please give Big Mess a listen! This band is incredibly positive and gives me the best feely feels. My favorite songs off the LP are “Cannonball,” “Enlighten Me,” “Don’t Stop Making it Happen,” and “Good Morning.”






After the performance, Grouplove signed our albums. Sam and I can’t wait to hang this work of art in our Philly apartment next year.

P.S. We got rained on right before we stepped onto the bus home. Rest in Peace to my white Fenty slides. You will be greatly missed.

Thanks for viewing, everybody. Stay positive and have a wonderful week!


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