Fun for Fall

Fall is my favorite season because of the weather transition and of course, the fashion. This years Fall trends are my favorite in a while.

I was walking through Barnes and Noble the other day and noticed Kendall Jenner’s September Vogue cover from all the way across the room.  I could not even contain my excitement! I had to buy it.  Unfortunately my card was declined at the register. The cashier gave me that disappointed “you don’t have $10 on your card?” look. Sorry! I am a college student. Luckily, my best friend decided to lent me the $10 to cop the last copy.  She knows how much I love fall fashion, Vogue, and Kendall Jenner, so it was a must.

This issue has been flying off the shelves. I felt lucky to have snagged the last copy because many people have bought the issue to discover the latest fall trends. The trends that stuck out to me from this September’s Vogue were layered tees, silk & velvet, over-the-top statement chokers, bandanas, hoops and (of course) denim.

I decided to create an outfit featuring some of these trend to showcase exactly what I love about Fall 2016.


These heart distressed jeans are from One Teaspoon.  They were a little pricey but SO worth it.   To dress up the denim I paired them with ankle strap nude pumps.


I found this nude bandana at Urban Outfitters but you can really go anywhere for them.  These swirly gold hoops from a local boutique in State College, compliment the bandana well.


The silk-shirt-over-a-tee look gives me life! I love the champagne tank over a casual tee.


See you next time



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