Best Rihanna Street Style 2016

Rihanna has been a pap favorite for 10 years. She has played thousands of shows, guested dozens of festivals and reigned the streets every night during her time in the spotlight. My favorite thing about Rih is that she plays to win the fashion game every time she leaves the house. I don’t know about you but I eat it like (Birthday) Cake.

This week I set out to do the impossible: compile my favorite Rihanna looks of all time into one blog post. After hours of research, I questioned if this task is doable.  

I initially decided to cut my post down to Robz looks of 2016. After several more hours of scrolling archives, and crying over being broke, I narrowed my search down even further to my top 25 Rihanna street style looks of 2016. Although it kills me to leave out various iconic 2016 looks (V Fest, OVO Fest, The Brit Awards, music video, etc.) I thought it’d be cool to talk about Queen Rih’s influence on bloggers and the streets.

The following looks are in no particular order. All photos were found online from various sources. Many are from the archives.

1. NYC – April 2

gallery-1459805233-gettyimages-518837072My favorite elements: The Princess Diana shirt and Rob’s collaboration Manolo Blahnik thigh-high belted boots. 

2. NYC – January 2

rihanna-night-out-style-new-york-city-1-2-2016-1_thumbnail.jpgMy favorite elements: Mismatching patterns has always been one of my favorite trends. White elements pull this outfit together. Rih’s glasses shape is also on point. I need to invest in this style for the fall.

3. NYC – May 31

hbz-rihanna-may-2016-spl1293530_001My favorite elements: This Chloé blouse is amazing for so many reasons. I love the color scheme, the sleeves and, surprisingly, the tassels. I’ve never seen a top like this one. Robz also rocked the thigh-high glads and giant hoops.

4. London – August 19

normal_0062.jpgMy favorite elements: This look is so Zenon. Rih’s Dior collab glasses and metallic boots give off the coolest futuristic vibe. I also crown Robz inventor of the off-the-shoulder button-up trend. I have a similar look up my sleeve for the future.

5. NYC – May 25

normal_00122My favorite elements: Rih defends her title as the Queen of Green in this classic Gucci dress. She keeps it modern by adding a metallic bag.

6. NYC – May 23

gallery-1464096707-spl1289385-002.jpgMy favorite elements: Gold Dior collab glasses and a killer interpretation of the lace-up trend. Also the black sweatshirt without a torso? Iconic.

7. London – June 28

normal_014My favorite elements: Rihanna showcases 2016’s Pantone colors in this beautiful look. I love this dress for the quirky ties and openings. Robz also snuck her DSquared2 RiRi collab sandals in there to complete the look.

8. Santa Monica – June 9

hbz-style-secret-rihanna_1My favorite elements: The killer D&G kimono, obviously! Rih’s sexy ass legs are her best accessory. I love her so much.

9. NYC – April 4

normal_002My favorite elements: I’m a sucker for an outfit with many visual elements that all match perfectly. I especially love Rob’s coat, necklace, pants and shoes.

10. NYC – September 4

normal_0037My favorite elements: I, personally, do not support fur but Robz broke every person in the world’s heart with this Saint Laurent fur coat. Her matching red lipstick and graphic cap tie in to create one of the hottest looks probably ever.

11. NYC – March 28

gallery-1459258472-gettyimages-51792147088My favorite elements: This beautifully-embroidered Gucci tracksuit is literally everything I want in life. The fur sleeves are unexpected and give this look paramount significance. The long black wig is one of my top 5 Robz hairstyles.

12. NYC – August 28

normal_010-1.jpgMy favorite elements: Rih rocked four amazing outfits for four VMA performances earlier this night. She served this totally ’20s look while leaving the show.  Although fringe is the main component in this jumpsuit, mesh and embroidery both play very important roles in tying everything together. Rob’s necklace also accents that brilliant embroidery. Love.

13. Paris – March 5

Rihanna-Miu-Miu.jpgMy favorite elements: Rih rules in thigh-high boots. This plain black pair matched  with this stunning coat by Prada is the perfect Paris look. The vibrant purple choker adds an unexpected dash of cool. 

14. NYC – May 29

rihanna-maxi-dress-30may16-03.jpgMy favorite elements: I’m not too big on accessories, but Rih’s stylist outdid him/herself with this outfit. I love Rih’s quirky bag and unique hair accessories the most. Both elements compliment the intricate pattern on this dress’s plain silhouette. 

15. NYC – September 22

hbz-rihanna-0922-splash.jpgMy favorite elements: Boots & Bag. That is all. 

16. Prague – July 27

rihanna-out-and-about-in-prague-july-27-2016_629071931My favorite elements: I would feel blessed to own these amazing Vetements boots, which look bomb paired with a bad ass white dress and Rih’s Dior shades. The Balenciaga fur, however, is an instant game changer. Easily one of my favorite Robz accessories. 

17. Miami – March 14

gallery-1458049794-infphoto-3772410My favorite elements: Rih was resort ready way before summer started. I love this tropical kimono with the metallic bag I previously highlighted. I’m also definitely taking inspo from the babe’s sleek, pinned look. 

18. NYC – March 13

269ae3c400000578-0-image-m-93_1426252752684My favorite elements: Any look made up of one color is an instant classic. I love the retro movie star vibes Rih gives off with this tailored pink suit and perfectly-matched fur. 

19. NYC – Sept 2 

gallery-1472936791-ag-128731-002My favorite elements: These track pants are killer. I’d wear them to every non-sporting event. 

20. London – August 19 

gallery-1471728012-spl1333562-008.jpgMy favorite elements: I love this look so much. The Raf Simons down coat would have reminded me of Rih if she wasn’t one of the first to sport it in the streets. This look also showcases my favorite fall Fenty shoes and (surprise) Dior collab glasses. Rih’s Millinsky “I Came to Break Hearts” cap showcases our  Bajan princess’ sass. 

21. Paris – July 29

gallery-1469924694-ag-124201-055My favorite elements: Rih stepped out in this Marques’ Almeida fall 2016 dress so fast that she might as well have worn it down the runway herself. This is the perfect Parisian summer look when paired with some classic fur and DSquared2 RiRi Sandals.

22. NYC – March 26

gallery-1459114382-spl1252639-010.jpgMy favorite elements: Everything about this French-inspired motto jacket is killer. This piece forced this otherwise-plain outfit into my ’16 faves. 

23. London – July 1, 2016

gallery-1467488298-ag-120453-006My favorite elements: The Balmain Resort 2017 dress speaks for itself. 

24. Berlin – August 17

hbz-rihanna-0817-splashMy favorite elements: The Vetements blazer, Alexander Wang stockings and a classic 2016 Rob bob make this one of my favoritw Rih looks of all time. 

25. NYC – May 27

hbz-rihanna-may-2016-gettyimages-534779652Couldn’t have completed this list without this trend-setting look. The Queen shows her subjects what’s good once again. 

Hope you liked this post because I had so much fun compiling it!



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