Baddies of Fashion Week

Fashion Week is one of the biggest weeks in the fall.  It is a time where designers come together and showcase their best pieces for the season.  Designers hire the best supermodels walk in their shows in the world’s largest fashion capitols.

After the past couple weeks from New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week, there were the sickest styles on and off the runway.

Young supermodels Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Taylor Hill all killed the shows.  They were standouts walking the runway and walking the streets of New York and Milan.  I am going to be picking the most kick ass outfits they wore during the last two weeks.



Street Style in NYC during fashion week.  Obsessed with the oversized tee and thigh high boots.  She is gorgeous and looks amazing all the time.


NYC: One of my favorite looks from fashion week by Anna Sui.  Taylor can literally rock anything.  If I could afford this outfit, I would buy it in a hot second.


NYC: Taylor wearing a bomb a Jimmy Choo sheer gold dress.  The slit is my favorite part of the look because it is so large. Sheer is trending an unbelievable amount right now.



NYC: Kendall Jenner is honestly goals. I love her.  Her off the runway outfits always kill it.  Her velvet booties and statement choker tie the simple tee and skirt together nicely.


NYC: Again. GOALS. This is probably my favorite dress she has ever worn. Nothing else needs to be said.



NYC: Killin’ it with the nudes at the MaxMara event.  Nude is currently my favorite color to wear. Her ankle strap furry heels are a MUST have.


NYC: Gigi’s look before the MaxMara show.  I love the mismatching patterns and the gray pointy lace up booties. She also kills the street style game as well.



NYC:  Bella rocking an all black Michael Kors outfit at Fashion Week.  I am obsessed with the small ruffle details on the sleeves and bottom of the dress.  Black sequins are a must have in your closet.


MILAN:  See. I told you.  Denim on Denim is back and better than ever.  She is head to toe in denim besides her black bandeau and black booties.  Slay Bella.

Hope you enjoyed these hotties in amazing looks.

See you in the next sissue!



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