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Hello people! Welcome back to Sissues.

A couple days ago my boyfriend, Justin, and I were talking about Sissues. I asked him if he often reads my posts.  He replied, “sometimes.”  Shockingly enough, I realized that not a lot of men are really that interested in a fashion blog run by and for women.  So I couldn’t even be mad at him. (I’m kidding!).

Justin has a very simple style.  He loves to throw on a navy blue t-shirt or sweatshirt, khaki shorts or pants, and gray vans (see pics above and below).

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If you know me I am the complete opposite of simple.  I love love lovvveee to have different and fun outfits to spice up my style.  So basically I am writing this post to give a women’s insight on men’s clothes and trends. I am going to be focusing on guys that usually wear simple stuff, like Justin, and putting just a small, but unique spin on things.


The scoop neck and distressed graphic tee.

uo scoop tee.jpeg

UO Olive Scoop Tee

uo eagles tee.jpeg

UO Philadelphia Eagles Tee

These two tees are really cool but pretty simple.  The scoop neck is definitely a risk but if it is styled in the right way it could be a huge win.   The old-fashioned Eagles Tee is perfect for a guy with a minimal style who still wants to be trendy yet reps his cities’ team.


Joggers and distressed jeans.

pacsun skinny joggers.jpeg

PacSun Skinny Joggers

uo distressed jeans.jpeg

UO Distressed Jeans

Skinny pants have been around for a while, however most guys I encounter do not wear them (which should change).  But, these joggers are khaki look-alikes that are perfect for a guy who wears khakis regularly and wants to change it up.  The distressed jeans are skinny the perfect amount.  There is only two ripped holes on the knees which still make them effortlessly stylish.


Army jacket and denim jacket.

uo army jacket.jpeg

UO Field Jacket

uo denim jacket men'.jpeg

UO Denim Winter Jacket

Guys usually wear sweatshirts in the winter instead of jackets which is completely bizarre.  It is weird because first, I hate being cold and two, I love jackets because you can get the most amazing/stylish ones.  Army jackets are the best because of pockets, length, double cotton twill, and the layering underneath.  I do not usually see men wear denim jackets either.  However, this jacket has cotton lining in the inside of the jacket as well as the pockets. I am pretty bias because I am a huge advocate for denim but I love this jacket.


Boots and sneakers.

vans colorblock sk8 his.jpeg

Vans Sk8-Hi MTE


Vans Fairbank Boot

Both of these shoes are from the brand Vans.  I work for Vans and they literally have the best shoes for men and women.  The Sk8-Hi MTE’s are my favorite because of the fall/winter color-block.  They are super durable, comfortable, versatile and fashionable.  Boots are fairly new to Vans other than snowboarding boots. They are very in for the fall for men.  They have these in about four different colors but personally I think the brown is the best.

Hope you guys liked my take on men’s fashion!

Talk to you in the next sissue!



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