Jackie B Dressed Me

Hey everybody!

The past few weeks have been a very enlightening time in my life. My schedule is fairly booked with classes, school work, internships and working part time. I usually don’t make plans in advance because I never know what my upcoming schedule will be like. Only working 3 days a week also leaves me pretty damn broke. (Not completely broke, but I definitely can’t hit the bar more than once on a single paycheck).

I currently have what some would call “no life”– meaning no social life. I initially missed having abundant down time, but I’ve learned to see the light in spending so much time alone.

I enter the “real world” in less than a year. I’ve recently spent dozens of hours considering my post-grad options and figuring out what really matters to me. I’ve decided on one thing that I want to share with you all: I will not compromise who I am, or what I love, to carry out a certain, expected life.

I truly view all humans as equals, and I don’t feel the need to act a certain way in order to satisfy another person’s expectations. I will always be that confident, know-it-all girl from South Jersey who curses left and right. I will also always be business-minded, creative and competitive.

I have worked hard during college to prepare myself for the corporate world. I have also proved to be a great employee without modifying my character. I’m so excited to search for a job that suits me. PR is an amazing field because the formats and ethics are consistent across the board. I love that I can do what makes me happy with a company that shares my values. 

I’ll ask you a question that my favorite singer, Marina & The Diamonds, asked me when I was in high school: Are you satisfied with an average life? Do I need to lie to make my way in life? The answer is no. There is an awesome, personalized future out there for you. You don’t need to work on Wall Street to be happy. You don’t even need money to be happy. Being yourself and doing what you love will make you happy. Yes it’s corny, but it’s also exceptionally true.



You’re probably wondering what that whole spiel has to do with an Outfit of the Day-type blog post. Let’s rewind to the part about me being a broke bitch.

Last Friday was pay day (What is it about pay day anyway? By the time it rolls around we already know exactly what we want/need to spend it on, and we’re scared to check our balance by 10 p.m. that same night. Anyway…), and I was unsurprisingly disappointed in my direct deposit.  I decided to hit up the off-campus Goodwill to find an affordable gem for that day’s Philly adventure. I ended up leaving the store with 7 new items for $20.


This blouse is one of my favorite items from this thrift because it reminds me of Jackie Burkhart of That ’70s Show. Not only is Jackie a fashion inspiration, but she is one of, if not, the most well-rounded characters on show. As the series progresses, Jackie shows that she is smart, independent, driven and unapologetically herself. I also love Jackie’s sense of humor and intolerance for bullshit.

I was so excited to whip out my Hyde sunglasses and hippie jeans for this one.



Sunglasses – UO

Blouse- Goodwill

Jeans- UO (no longer available)

Belt- Anthropologie (no longer available)

Flip Flops- B&B (local shore superstore)

Bag- Buffalo Exchange


Thanks for reading this collection of random thoughts and for viewing this outfit. Do what you love and never compromise who you are!



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