What Keeps Me Going

Being in college means having a full schedule at all times. I am currently crazy busy with classes, meetings, events and other activities. I usually don’t mind the craziness, but lately I’ve struggled to make time for things that I love. Sissues is a priority of mine that I have not had the motivation to put a lot of effort into lately. I apologize for the infrequent posting, and hope that this post helps you see things from my point of view.

Last year was my Freshman year of college. I quickly joined a sorority when I got to school, and decided to help out with formal sorority recruitment. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Greek life, recruitment is when we try to encourage prospects to choose our sorority over other options. Recruitment usually lasts about 7-12 days. That week and a half was the most fun, yet stressful, part of my year.

What many people do not know is that it initially took me a while to get comfortable in my sorority. In the beginning, I felt like there was so much pressure to make friends and immediately fall into place. This was unrealistic. I knew I was chosen for a reason and tried to keep an open mind, however, the friends I was familiar with joined different sororities. I was scared to be thrown into a culture where I didn’t know anybody and nobody knew me.

I clicked with a few girls in my sorority, and began to feel more accepted. I soon realized that Greek life didn’t fulfill me the way I had expected.

I applied for and became the Merchandise Chair for my sorority during my second semester. After collaborating with my recruitment chair for merchandise projects, she asked me to assist her during fall recruitment.  I love special events, so I was super excited to help out with rush.

I felt unhappy and unmotivated during this past summer, because I began to notice how different college was from high school. College helps us figure out who we are and recognize what kind of people we like to associate with. The realization that I am growing up was hard for me to grasp.

I worked two jobs and an internship this summer, and longed to begin something new and exciting. I needed something motivating that would also bring me happiness. Thankfully, Cailin and I decided to start the quirky little site you’re reading right now. Sissues honestly saved me. We worked hard on everything including the blog layout, name, photos, biographies, post ideas and so much more. I was ecstatic when we launched on August 3.

I began sophomore year with a new blog and a fresh start. I also began a new major, where I could learn the skills to become a successful event planner. I helped my sorority sister with recruitment, and it was so worth it and so much fun.

Recruitment was when I decided to make time for other things besides my sorority. I questioned if I liked Greek life– and even Penn State as a whole. I researched other college programs to see if I could find something that better suited me. I decided to stick out this semester at Penn State, because I really do love it.

I branched out and joined the Penn State Fashion Society, and landed a killer position on the social media team. I also applied for the events division of Valley Magazine, a campus fashion mag + website. I soon realized that these activities fulfilled me.

My outlook was completely transformed. Although I considered transferring somewhere I thought I’d fit in more, I’m happy with my decision to stay. I’m so happy to have put myself out there. Extracurriculars are a lot to handle, but college is all about finding what works for you as an individual. Take those risks.

I have made some amazing friends within my sorority, whom I overlooked last year. I have a great roommate, a loving big and little and a great chapter. Delta Zeta was not the issue. Once I found myself, I realized how much DZ had actually helped me. I am running for the recruitment chair position this year. I hope I can make my sister,who showed me the beauty in recruitment, proud. If I do not end up landing the position, I will be okay. Everything happens for a reason. I now know that DZ is here for me no matter what.

I am so glad I recognized the importance of doing what I love. Nothing and no one can stop me from pursuing my dreams. I could not imagine staying in an unhappy friendship or job. Risks make people successful. Fashion and event planning are my passions, and I fully intend to pursue them. I hope you can say the same about your dreams.



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