Free People Inspires ME

Free People is by far my favorite clothing brand.  Free People is owned by the URBN brand that is linked to the three stores, Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Anthropologie. All three of these brands have clothes that are directed toward certain styles.  Urban Outfitters has a hippy and modern feel with a twist from the 70’s.  Urban is my sister, Cailin’s favorite place to shop.  Anthropologie is directed more toward an older crowd.  It is preppy and bright with boho vibes, which captures what my mother loves.  Lastly, Free People is my favorite because I feel it describes me perfectly.  It has hippy, boho vibes with a chic touch.  It is funny to me, that these three stores are in the same brand family and all speak to mine.

Free People is inspiring.  Whether it is their instagram, store or the people I feel it is somewhere I belong.  Every time I walk into the store I get a sudden rush of happiness. The decorations, aesthetic and vibes make everything that is wrong in my life disappear.  I know what you are thinking, “You are insane for thinking this about a brand!”  But, I am not.  I bet the people working for FP in some way shape or form think the same exact way.  Think about you’re happy place, that is what FP is to me.  My entire life I have been into fashion and interior design, and every FP store is picture perfect with the clothes, decorations, and architecture.

I follow every single FP instagram known to man.  In a lot of my pictures, when I am wearing FP or I took a picture at a store, I tag #FPme.  That tag is usually featured on their website.  I like to browse their website with the tagged photos and browse the hashtag on instagram because I love looking at other people’s styles and pictures.

Living super close to Philly is amazing. Especially being so close to the URBN Headquarters. After coming back from breakfast one day my dad suggested we would stop by. My mom and I were pumped.  We walked in the big double doors in awe.  To my left was a wall covered in a sequins that was made into a mural.  Straight across were old chairs that had different floral patches covering it. Above the chairs was a gorgeous chandelier and an abstract painting.  If that isn’t goals I don’t know what is.

I thought to myself,  I am going to work here one day. I am making it a goal of mine because I have always LOVED fashion and the URBN brand. No matter what I will always have a passion for fashion and URBN portrays that love of fashion. URBN is an amazing company that shares interesting yet gorgeous clothes, accessories, and home/apartment decor that speaks to everyone and it amazes me how much this brand can do.

Talk to you soon!



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