Cailin x Lauren Tepfer

If you live in the Philly area, you may have heard of South Jersey photographer phenomenon Lauren Tepfer. Lauren, a 17-year old high school senior, is both utterly talented and prudent beyond her years. 

Lauren and I first paired up around this time last year, when she shot a series of Marina & The Diamonds-inspired photos for my previous blog, Suburban Juice (see the bottom of this post!) We have always lived across town from each other, but never met because I graduated high school the same year she entered. I followed Lauren for a while before reaching out and was blown away by her personality upon meeting her. 

Lauren does not live a normal teenage life. With over 15,000 followers on her Instagram page, many of whom identify as her fans, Lauren is a role model. She is mature, passionate and willing to accept the responsibility that comes with standing up for what she believes in. I am so proud of her for using her platform to talk about what matters. 

Like some of her muses, Petra Collins and Olivia Bee, Lauren’s uniqueness stems from her mesmerizing eye for color and her ability to turn a typically-average scene into a complete dreamland. Her Instagram feed is cooler than the tumblr page of your dreams and, trust me, she is getting the recognition she deserves. Lauren has been a Rookie Magazine contributer for over a year and just shot her first music video! She is coming for the world and I don’t think it is ready. 

Lauren, her friend Moira and I planned on curating a shoot for Rookie, but instead decided to do something a little different in light of America’s disappointing election results. The three of us are frustrated and upset by our country’s decision, but we decided to waste no time in using creativity to heal our heavy hearts. This might seem like a fun little fashion shoot, but it served as a much-needed distraction. Only if for a night. 

Our outfits mimicked college-aged activists from the original civil rights movement. I, unfortunately, believe that we will have to come together to work toward the same goals over the next four years. I am anxious to see how Lauren will manipulate her art to reflect the important issues our country faces, and I hope we can do some amazing things together in the time to come!

Here are a few photos from last year’s shoot by Lauren!

Thanks for reading! If you do you, I love you. 



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