Must Haves

Hello people! I am continuing the URBN theme from my last post and going to be sharing with you some must have pieces from my favorite stores.

I cannot seem to get myself off of my MacBook Air shopping for new clothes and accessories. Especially when there are sales! These pieces are what I’m dying to have but unfortunately, cannot afford. Maybe some day I will be able to or maybe I will when I am not balling on a college budget. If you are unfamiliar with what a college budget is, it’s basically when you can’t afford to do laundry for $2 (which is my struggle every week).

Anyway, like I said in the last Sissue, the URBN brand speaks to me so I love to browse and get inspired on their online stores.  Online shopping is one of my favorite things to do when I want to relax, de-stress, or even when I just feel like buying something new! So here are some of my favorite pieces that I have seen in the past couple weeks.

Let’s Start with…

Free People:

fp stars bootie 248.jpeg

FP Mystic Charms Bootie

fp bali jacket.jpeg

FP Fleur Du Jour Jacket

fp maxi holiday dress.jpeg

FP Jill C’s Maxi Dress

fp varsity pulllover.jpeg

FP Varsity Pullover

fp mini shimmer dress.jpeg

FP Mini Shimmer Dress

fp sheer socks.jpeg

FP Sequin Socks

Urban Outfitters:

uo velvet overalls.jpeg

UO Velvet Overalls

uo fauz fur coat.jpeg

UO Leopard Fur Coat

uo silver heel.jpeg

UO Silver Heel

uo lingerie set.jpeg

UO Embroidered Bra


anthro colorblovk coat.jpeg

Anthro Fringed Colorblock Coat


Anthro Manot Skirt


Anthro Vannia Pencil Skirt


Anthro Fringe Earring Drops

Thank you for reading, see you in the next Sissue!



One thought on “Must Haves

  1. Hello, you girls are absolutely adorably beautiful!!! I have a dire request… if anyone knows where I could score the FP Fleur De Jour Jacket, please let me know! It sold out online the day I had finally saved up enough money to buy it… Omg, I felt like I was punched in the gut. So I was thinking just MAYBE someone somewhere may see one in a FP store… I don’t even care what size it is at this point. Please help a sister out if you can, lol!!!


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