Thanksgiving OOTD

Hello party people!

Last week was Thanksgiving, which is my absolute favorite holiday.  I know what you are thinking, “how is Christmas not your favorite?”  Well, I love Thanksgiving for three reasons.

  1. The Food, duh. (wow Emma, didn’t hear that one before)
  2. Black Friday because shopping, again, DUH.
  3. Lastly, the pre-game football fun between my high school football team and our high school rivals.

Thanksgiving in my home town is celebrated first with our high school friends and then later with our families . Our high school football team has played our rivals since 1902.  Almost every time, since I can remember, we have lost the game.  But, basically the whole town of Haddon Heights tailgates beforehand, to not only bond but, also rekindle the fire between the college kids that left in August.

I thought about my outfit and decided to go with a simple yet chic/edgy look.  I am not usually edgy but, the slits and the wide fishnet tights did the trick.  However,  I still threw in my boho style with the Free People jacket and necklace.  To tie it altogether, I showed my inner Kardashian with the thigh high boots I got last winter.



This outfit is not inspired by anything at all, but it perfectly incorporates my style currently.



Jacket – Free People (it is my mom’s)

Dress- Necessary Clothing

Boots- Forever 21

Necklace- Free People

Tights- WalMart (amazing)

Bad- Max Appeal


Thank you for reading!

See you in the next Sissue.




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