New Video! January Thrift Finds

Hey guys,

School is back and I’m at peak busyness, which means I haven’t had a ton of motivation to write blogs lately. Instead, I decided to sit down and film myself talking about some sweet shit I recently picked up. I also thought it might be fun for people to get more of a taste of my personality, since YouTube is poppin nowadays.

I sold pretty much every name-brand clothing item I owned, over winter break, to clear out my closet (as if) and boost my life savings a bit. I also decided that I’m over following trends and looking like everybody else on my IG feed.

I’ve recently only been shopping at thrift stores and on the Depop app. This method has immensely improved my styling creativity. I feel like I’ve gained back the individuality I possessed in high school. Buying and selling has also allowed me to obtain a whole new wardrobe, in record time, for super freakin cheap! I suggest that you visit your local Goodwill and see if you can’t get 10 items for under $50.

Here is the (somewhat lengthy) video:

Hope you enjoy!


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