Latest Trends of 2017

Welcome back to Sissues! “New year new me?” Nope. New year, new trends. Okay, okay I know that was corny, but it’s true! I mean these trends aren’t huge yet but they will be. I have been absolutely loving these new trends.  I have been changing my style a little bit recently as well so these trends are basically what I have been obsessed with.


asos fishnets.jpeg

Asos Black Oversized Fishnets

Up first is Fishnets.  Fishnets have been featured in some previous posts before, but recently I have been throwing them under some really distressed jeans so they are peaking out of the wholes.  Also, I have been wearing them with casual dresses or skirts as well.  They are a really cool way to make any look edgy.



picture on my Instagram (@emmasheeehan)

So I have been seeing these jeans all over Instagram and I have been wanting them for literally so long. Kylie Jenner has been rocking these for a few months and they look amazing. Storytime: On the way home from class I was walking in the downtown area of my college town and saw that Urban Outfitters was having a huge sale.  I decided to walk in and first thing I saw were these gems.  They are vintage Levi’s and I am obsessed. They have some cuts on the booty and I think it is extremely flattering.  The best part was that I was expecting to pay $80 for these and ended up only being $30.


asos black mules.jpeg

Asos Black Mules

I also wore these in my last post about the outfit inspired by Kylie Jenner’s Peach Palette. I got mine from Forever 21, but these are very similar.  Mules are a very old style and are quickly making a comeback in the fashion world.  They come in so many different styles like open toes, heels, closed flats, etc. and can go with any outfit dressy or casual.

Talk to you soon,




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