Favorite YouTubers

Hey all!  After a short break from sissues,  I decided to talk about one of my favorite leisure activities, which is watching YouTube videos.  Most of the YouTube videos I watch consist of women talking about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food.  I have always been into watching YouTube videos, so I figured I would share my favorite you-tubers with my Sissues readers.

  1. Kallie Kaiser –  Her Youtube is mostly about fashion and beauty.  She is a free lance petite model in Santa Monica, originally from Chicago.  Her style consists of very grungy pieces from Nasty Gal and Dolls Kill and flirty pieces in the summer from Missguided and Subdued. She is so cute. Love her. 
  2. Lauren Elizabeth –   Her youtube is about fashion, beauty, lifestyle and the occasional cooking.  She is an actress living in LA originally from Chicago.  She is absolutely hilarious and is inspiring in so many ways.  In love with all of her tattoos. 
  3. Sarahs Day –   Sarah is a food/lifestyle and workout you-tuber.  She is from Australia and her videos usually consist of her eating habits and working out.  She gives me a lot of motivation to have a healthier lifestyle. 
  4. Olivia Jade – Olivia is a young teen living in LA.  She makes a lot of videos on fashion and beauty as well.  I love love love the way she does her make up and she is the sweetest girl. Her makeup looks are always super dewy and bronzed.  Her fashion is simple and flirty with some unique pieces. 
  5. Sierra and Alex – Sierra Furtado is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle you-tuber as well.  I watch her main channel often but I love her vlog channel with her boyfriend Alex. They are so cute and just moved in a house together in LA.  They keep up with vlogs almost twice or three times a week.  They film what they do for the day or week and I don’t know why but I find it very interesting.
  6. GinsMakeup – Gina is from Vancouver, Canada. She is a major makeup guru.  She is the funniest girl and is amazing at makeup.  She does a lot of “chatty get ready with me videos” and wine makeup tutorials.  She puts a fun twist on the normal makeup tutorials.

Thank you for reading, hope you watch these amazing people!

Talk to you soon, xoxo



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